11/22/11 Occupy the Mall Press Release

11/22/11 Occupy the Mall Press Release

Postby laurenasprooth » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:05 pm

November 21, 2011

Contact: press@occupyeugenemedia.org

Occupy Eugene to Occupy the Mall on Buy Nothing Day

What: OCCUPY THE MALL (Valley River Center)

When: Nov. 25th (Black Friday)

Where: Valley River Center, Eugene, OR

Why: In support of Buy Nothing Day, this black Friday Occupy Eugene will be “Occupying the Mall” in an effort to combat mass consumerism. For every dollar or credit spent on gifts, we sacrifice time, giving something material in exchange for providing our friends and family with the gift of ourselves. We remain deprived of connection with those around us, and struggle to fill this emptiness with commodities that we do not need. In reality, all we need is one another.

On Buy Nothing Day, “the goal is to give presence, not presents,” says Kristen Carpenter, a member of the Occupy Eugene Actions Committee. “The only gifts to give are those that can be measured in heart. Break the chains of consumerism, give your family the gift of time.”

This press release has been approved by the general assembly of Occupy Eugene.

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Re: 11/22/11 Occupy the Mall Press Release

Postby anlaufian elder » Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:32 pm

No! Alto! Danger, Will Smith!
The planned "occupy the mall' will get news coverage. Unfortunately it will be all negative. These type of events just make you look silly and unfocused.
Try doing something positive instead. a silent prayer vigil, pass out cookies, pamphlets and a smile. Offer to help the elderly in town with chores.
Help clean up the river banks, etc. Acting out against the middle class shoppers looking to save a buck will only turn off those on the sidelines who are still behind you.
In the 30 sec. sound bite mentality of Americans, this will surely do harm to your movement.
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