NAC – Second Sunday Meet up

NAC – Second Sunday Meet up

Postby Ross » Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:58 pm

NAC – Second Sunday Meet up
1-Intorductions and process
a-Facilitator and Minutes taker
#1- Facilitator – ross
#2-Minutes taker – reid
Attendees – ross,reid,Vickie, littia, haint, jean patricia, jim
Email address: Vickie –,
Patricia –

b-the process -
c-introducing ourselves
d- time fame proposal will try to keep meeting to 1 hr (lasted just over one hour)
A-announcements – (new developments directly related to Foreclosures)
#1-Goals: four talking points were only briefly discussed as we had a time restraint and wanted to get to the issues of the two homes.
#3- Barriers:
#4- Resources:
#5- Alternative actions:
#6-other topics- Patricia and Vicki
C-proposals –
#1- Committee Name – don’t need to talk about this now
#2-Mission Statement – later time
#3- other proposals that might arise
#4- next meeting(last item)
D-Meetings conclusion

Agenda items
1-announcements (new developments directly related to Foreclosures)
A- Research and legal
Bruce – writer and research specialist
Chris – Real estate/foreclosure attorney
B- other

contact jim via 541 337 1323 or for how he can help
#1-Getting the word out – Ross considers very important. 70 people attended Open Assembly on 12/3 at Cat & Dog Rescue.
How do we get message out?
Jim - Facebook Occupy Whiteaker page, post info, requests for action there. Find ways to communicate our goals.
Jean - Ask communications to help get a story in local media
Littia – Create and post flyers to hang up in neighborhood
Ross – we are focusing on Whiteaker community, but we are inclusive of all communities.
Vickie – some people in Lane county have negative impressions of Whiteaker communit.
Jim – connect with neighborhood councils and meetings, use Facebook, Craigslist, flyers.
Jean – will get city records of people who legal process for forclosure has started
Jim – take out an ad in Eugene Weekly
Patricia – EW has free ad space, sign up to be listed on schedule
Littia – post in paper how many people that week entered foreclosure process
Jim – 800 homes in foreclosure
Bethal, springfield, santa clara are the three areas with the most foreclosures
Patricia & Jim will brainstorm flyer plans.
We need a way for people to contact the group listed on the flyers. One person as point contact or an email list that goes to whole membership?
Jean – suggests a info request email address for people looking for info about foreclosures. Who will monitor and answer?
Reid – create a riseup email list for whole group.
Jim – let’s schedule a workshop ASAP.
Vickie – OWS nation wide effort to occupy foreclosed homes.
Ross – post lawn signs saying home occupied, facing foreclosure
Jim – press release about family occupying home

#2- Goals: ecovillages, open dialoguing, ongoing direct action, legal and communal research, home security, housing people, social/neighborhood cohesion, resource identification, statement regarding development, ownership of the commons, food security, guerilla farming
Ross – think about “how do we house people?” “What does home security look like?”
Patricia – create a community food forest (garden plus trees)
Jim – we will skip over goals and barriers , resources, alternative actions and other to hear Vickie and Patricia’s situations.
Ross – has discussion forums
Jim – Reid email everyone the meeting notes and a link to the notes in the forum.
#3- Barriers: police, regulations, stereotypes (us vs them), beliefs about us and them, administrative fines that the city can impose for violating regulation, time and availability to meet, organize, act, lack of legal knowledge, fear, lack of clarity, distillation of process, confusion around process, education, concern for privacy, shame and embarrassment
#4- Resources: the people of eugene as a whole, small companies, automotive repair shops. Neighborhood groups, the internet, libraries, nonviolence training, gathering locations, the university, imagination, government offices, lawyers, real-estate agents, food, gatekeepers, mavens, land, nourishment, other Occupations (Medford, Ashland)
Patricia will volunteer to work with our lawyer as a legal secretary.
#5- Alternative actions: squatting rights and Occupation process, researching the actualities of the current situation, use of public spaces, asking questions to the public… like whats your major concerns with the mortgage crisis – how would you fix it if you could) media outreach, creating alternative funding mechanisms to stop the process of foreclosures, peer-to-peer financing. Letters and petitions to state and federal officials – General Public awareness Campaigns -

Discussion with Patricia and Vickie about their situation.
Ross– has an advertising and sell process been started?.
Patricia -Advertising begun, sale set for Feb 15th.
Patricia – is open to occupation action
Jim – what will an occupation action look like?
Ross – we have info on that coming
Ross – spoke with two people who participated in a Portland home occupation and learned from them what to do and not to do.
Vickie shared her story.
Ross – the fault is on the banks creating an economic system that isn’t working for people.

A- Choosing the name – all tabled
a-NAC –Neighborhood Action Committee
b-NFA- Neighborhood Foreclosure Assembly
c-NSA- Neighborhood Security Assembly
B- next meeting time and place –
Sunday 11am – Reality Kitchen
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Re: NAC – Second Sunday Meet up

Postby Ross » Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:01 pm

HAMP, the US Treasury Home Affordability Modification Program
"Modification requirements are much more stringent than the loan origination requirements for many borrowers," Ryan said. "And the requirements under HAMP leave little flexibility for servicers."
The level of documentation is significant, she noted.
"The program under HAMP keeps changing and it is difficult for servicers to keep trained on the current requirements" for eligibility. "The borrower must be delinquent or in eminent risk of default, must be the borrower's primary residence, the mortgage must have originated prior to Jan. 1, 2009, the unpaid balance can be no more than $729,750 for single unit properties and the current payments must be above 31% of gross monthly income."
The HAMP payment adjustment goal is to reduce the payment to 31% of the borrowers gross monthly income by "systematic 'waterfall' application, which begins by reducing the interest rate to 2% and extends the term to 40 years." If those options don't get the payment down, then it is possible to forebear a portion of the principal payment until the loan is paid off.
The lender is not required to do a modification, however, if they are HAMP participant provider they are required to modify the loan.
"Many lenders have chosen not to participate in HAMP because of the stringent requirements," she said.
Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA), which is short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure, HARP, the Home Affordable Refinance Program and traditional options. The goal of HAMP is to adjust loans to sustainable payment levels.

Foreclosure and the Unweaving of our Community Fiber: Housing was the vehicle that Wall Street used to drain the life out of America. The result has caused record unemployment, foreclosures, homelessness and the unweaving of our community fiber. All linked to this issue are increased suicides, divorces, bankruptcies, and small business failure. Our community services such as food stamps, unemployment, foster care, homeless shelters and many others are over burdened and unable to meet the needs of struggling families.
must become a member on their site
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