Homeless Solutions Committee minutes, 1/17/12

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Homeless Solutions Committee minutes, 1/17/12

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Homeless Solutions Committee minutes, 1/17/12
Minutes compiled by Jeff Gent
Submitted by Michael Carrigan


Jean's proposal
Watchdog City Meeting
City Meeting Schedule
Reconciliation Idea
Task Force

in attendance
Michael Carrigan, Jean Stacey, Ken, Liebris, Jeff, Irene, Joe, Smudge
Robin, Michael Gannon, Majeska, , Buckli, Jim, Jerry Smith, Carla
Sparrow, Lotus, Sabra

Jean's Proposal
see docs in her email to list of 1/13/12 and go to Crabgrass site on Riseup
Irene suggests to keep 'homeless', not 'houseless'. Group agrees
Jeff questions purpose statement including 'directly assist", group wants to keep it
Smudge suggests subcommittee's operate in spokes-council mode.
Majeska, be sure they're referred to as subcommitee's
org sub-com not needed
watchdog should move to purpose sub-coms
description under 'analysis' more about info gathering, should push city to do this, 'analysis' should be more about figuring out balance of power
Carla, get info from Whitebird on their work
Mageska, city task force needs this
Irene, long discussion per her vision of the overall balance of power, constitutional rights
Jean, request to work with Irene off line about wording
Joe, let's video things
Liebris, not available for thurs meeting
Carla, health care needs to be dealt with, bring peace health into this (bridge program)
Jean, put down as purpose sub comm
Michael, suggests we contemplate the timeline for these, goal setting to establish way to monitor progress/celebrate successes
Sparrow, short amount of time, limited resources. Homeless don't trust organized medicine, homeless do have places run by 'housemoms' taking care of sick, idea: ask city for two abandoned buildings, turn one into a hostile for support during day, care for ill at night
Sabra; her goal in participating in this: prayer by person in tipi: why can't we have this, officer jim mcbride comment: want's place for homeless to go so they don't have to enforce laws against them.

Jean, summary of above: added analysis per Majeska, moved watchdog, add medical
Purpose comms: "living rough" comm should ponder a better name for selves

Sparrow: this is a lot of sub-comms for so few people.
?: analysis should look at funding, find ways to show results as a cost savings
Jean: q: temp check on having more coms than people so that we have room to grow
Majeska, so long as we recognize this is not a complete list either
all agree
Jean: suggest collapse #3 and 5 from her list
asks for more comments by email and she'll rework list

Irene: Police mentality, mires-briggs personality, nervous system harmonious testing available online, wants measures available to monitor success of health care solutions
group agrees to move this committee to be under GA, not under Legal Research

Carla: crabgrass is worth learning, training available

Irene: uncomfortable with 'pressure' officials, change laws section: Pottinger= enjoining police, etc, creating safe zones

Smudge: thanyou to Jean, suggests people could have saved time by dealing with this after was sent out

Michael: per leaving Legal Research committee, don't need to draw attention to leaving, no reason to, maintaining connection with that comm worthwhile, GA increasingly dysfunctional so not sure about going there

Jean, only need to announce ourselves to GA, don't need permission

Irene, online work not available to everyone, moving to comm a new thing
Carla: proposal: next meeting be a discussion at length about wether or not we become a committee
she and mageska will show up next week with a proposal

Watchdog of City Meeting
look for update on list
planning meeting this thursday (1/19) to plan out next meeting of task force, Jean and Michael C are there, 3-5, McNutt
task force meeting, 9-11 on 24th, St, Mary's

Michael: per postpone examining, commitments of city not acted on yet, proposes that next thurs we push for more info, discussion on why at St. Mary's, failed expectations
Irene: suggests city would say it did something with bus tickets out of town etc, suggests we show up with specific list of wants, per St. Mary's...jesus, q per McNutt
Jean: city initiated meeting, probably public

Jerry: proposal to open EWEB is out there, just need one more vote. Have kitchen, buildings

Majska: should not consider anything city said as promises to OE, only statements of what city council approved them to do
Joe, per EWEB idea, forces of darkness have killed EWB idea
Carla: city sees this as they were allocated funds

Jean $100k allocated for warming centers for entire winter. Have spent $2000, per night, two nights only. Contract for tent camping done. No money spent on wet beds, was from other funds. see update to list for more info. need to find out what happened to other money.
Irene: suggests tone be they should spend the money, or could just suggest city set area aside, spend little money. Sparrow: city works for us, ok for us to keep them honest
Michael, suggest shorter comments, agrees with Sparrow need to pursue, be tough with city. but we are working for whole community in keeping city honest with how they spend the money, don't be mean but be upfront and tough, need to know how money on task force being spent, put out in press release that we are asking those q's
Irene: we haven't tried letting city set up safety zone

general discussion, discontent with how long it's taking city to get the task force going
facilitators, $12-15k, no actual contract yet
Michael: suggest someone prepare a press release with output of thursday meeting

Jeff: might need to step down
Smudge: exchange program established between The Dining Room and Cosmic Pizza

Next Meet
Monday Jan 23, 10:15

Agenda, next meet
Group org: are we a committee or what
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