minutes 1/9/12

Support group for Eugene Homeless Task Force Committee.

minutes 1/9/12

Postby Jeff » Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:21 am

minutes 1/9/12
OE Task Force on Homeless


Prep for City Council Meeting tonight
Status Updates
Proposal from Jean per smaller groups
this task force purpose

Prep for Council Meeting

Testifiers: Carla, Jean, Alley, John M.

Carla: Police Commission idea. Juan-Carlos has suggested she goes to City Council
Will not be acting under OE

Alley: Responsibilities/Expectations of public figures in office
personal house not out of bounds as per tradition
public funds being used to protect him from boobies

John: General city council incompetence

Smudge: Gross misappropriation of police money at Mayors State of City address.

Jean: strategy is to be playing hardball in private via emails etc., keeping public profile more positive
emphasize Seattle's Share-Wheel to debunk idea that camp won't work

Right to have occupy forever, camp forever, Pottinger Decision

Polling's response, refused to come on show
Experience with Mike Dukasis, made lemonade
Police behavior during shut down on sight
Meeting with city staff/service providers on how to provide services, they said they didn't

testifying as ACT, not OE
pretending to be positive about this, work plans for various city groups need to be changed to help work forward

..... suggestions for other issues
remember 3 minutes
question about office cocking shotgun at Polling's house

has contacted Share Wheel, has info to share.

getting kicked out library when falling asleep
downtown bathrooms
city decision to provide 10% tax relief in west university apartments, no concern for low income
suggests we get testimony examples sent to communications comm for PR

looking for more misappropriation of police funds
share wheel has lost funding, 15 shelters have been closed
solution is not shelters

Celebration of Democracy
Celebration of Democracy event before council meeting, hour before meeting, food, etc
wants GA, not organized yet. Wants lots of people to have show of Democracy in action
visual presence of positive aspects
start at 6:00

Carla suggests we communicate with cops, let them know will be peaceful.
Michael suggests email to police, cc city council
Mageska: suggests work session cancelled because this was planned to start at that time
worries of heavy police response, people need to be prepared
Me: suggests press release
Michael: suggests lawyer contact city
Jean: she is police liason

Small Groups proposal by Jean
suggestion by Jean that we form smaller groups to take on the various issues that came up last week, coming back to meetings with results.
also propose we use these meetings to bring in outside groups/individuals to present us info, as needed.

Irene, suggest Mind Freedom show up.

Jeff: suggests we resolve group dynamics,structure first, but first proposal by Jean might help getting there
Mageska: suggests we figure out our purpose, structure, etc of group first.
list we came up with was created by brainstorming, needs more analysis
Micheal: agrees meeting structure, dynamics need to improve first

Jean suggest that one of the small group focus on purpose, etc
Mageska agrees

Friendly amendment by Joe
suggests education meetings, #2 of jeans proposal be public, broadcast
also by Joe: has DVD's of city task force meeting

Sub-group to start strategizing group structure: Jean, Michael, Ann, Mageska, Michael, Genevieve.

Stand-aside by Irene. Politicians on task force know that const. needs to be
--consensus, as modified.

Next Meeting
Next Monday, 10:15
Agenda: to be proposed by smaller group formed above
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