Finance Minutes 3/25/12

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Finance Minutes 3/25/12

Postby Jesse » Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:40 pm

Foreclosure / NAC - Bring Max Rameau to Eugene - $190
Travels around giving speeches and assisting with organizing in regards to housing issues
$750 total needed
CLDC has pledged $200
He has guaranteed to come, but still need to get some additional funds- Have some other sources lined up
Committee has concerns about paying an honorarium, but travel expenses would be acceptable
Committee approves request

Comcast Bill - $66.95
Already approved by GA - Will be paid

PayPal Situation
Requiring information that it sounds
Jesse will contact Majeska with info provided

Cutoff time for requests day of meeting
Committee decides to require that all requests should be guaranteed noon
Jan will update Site and Procedure Page
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