Quorum policy, as of 2-14-12

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Quorum policy, as of 2-14-12

Postby Martin C » Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:01 pm

Quorum policy:
from 2-14-12 minutes

Quorum: proposal follow up. We have no agreement about a quorum now, so 2 people can consense on anything. Can endorse Romney. We agree we need a quorum, issue about how many. Brett asking for 25. (24 present) maybe 20. addendum: if proposal goes to GA without quorum, wouldn’t need quorum at next meeting, if posted for 48 hours. Only for setting policies. Can make decisions about non-policies. stand-asides/blocks won’t carry from one meeting to another. o.k. with 20 if we definitely will revisit. Proposal: 20, Fergus felt it was too low, Gwen wants us to revisit the issue within 4 weeks. Amendment: 22. Consensus Reached: 22 is our current quorum, and this issue must be revisited within 4 weeks. No blocks or stand asides

For clarification, this is from the 2-11-12 minutes (taken by Graeme): QUORUM
Still no consensus. Jennefer proposed a minimum 25 people to pass a resolution the same meeting. Helen added amendment that if there's no quorum when something is proposed, it can be passed at the next meeting without a quorum if the proposal has been posted on the website at least 48 hours before the second meeting. Some concerns 25 was too low, some too high. Some feeling we hadn't discussed it enough, though this was the 3rd time on the agenda.

My summary of what this all means: If an item was brought to a GA as a decision item, but no decision was made because there wasn't quorum, it can be brought to the next GA. Even if there isn't a quorum again, the GA can make a policy-making decision if the minutes from the previous meeting were posted on the website at least 48 hours previous to that 2nd meeting.
I.e., if you want to avoid kool aid scenarios, go to the GA OR read the minutes.
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