For review: "Occupy Cafe Conversations" flyer

For review: "Occupy Cafe Conversations" flyer

Postby kokomojo » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:58 pm

So, Library Cttee and others: What do you all think about this idea and this flyer?

Occupy Cafe Conversations

A new project of the Zinn/Chomsky Occupy Eugene Library Committee
October 15, 2012
What do you think? Let us know your comments on this new project. (info email address here)

What are Occupy Cafe Conversations (OCC)?
OCC's are small gatherings of ideally about 10 people held for the purpose of hosting discussions and encouraging conversations in public places about a variety of systemic change topics. Another objective is public outreach and to encourage very simple, positive, low key Occupy Movement interactions with the public. OCC's are free and open to the public. The conversations are hosted and facilitated by an Occupier who has selected a topic of interest to discuss and are formatted to allow all participants an opportunity to contribute to the conversation including inviting eavesdroppers to join the conversation.

Who is hosting OCC's and When are they happening?
Occupiers are invited to self select themselves to host a Cafe Conversation and inform the Library Committee of the time, location and topic so we can help you get it listed on our website. We will also offer facilitation support and helpful hints. Brief "report backs" could be published in the Occupier.

What is the format of an OCC?

Occupiers are encouraged to facilitate their OCC using the following simple format; Name & Introductions- 10 minutes; Topic Introduction-5 minutes; Two Rounds of Two Minute Uninterrupted Comments on the topic from Participants in turn-40 minutes; Open Discussion-30 minutes; Wrap up and Process Feedback-5 minutes. Table top signs, "Occupy Eugene" business cards and other simple tabling materials such as copies of the Occupier and flyers will be provided to help identify the event.

Where are they happening?

Please see the back of this flyer for suggested places to host a OCC.

What are the topics being discussed?

Topics will be determined by the Occupier hosting the OCC but, will generally be about issues that inspire the Occupy movement, political, social, environmental and economic justice issues.

Reverse Side of the Flyer.....

Occupy Cafe Conversations Suggested Meeting Locations

If you have some meeting spots in mind that you think are good places to Occupy for the sake of a hosting a group conversation, please send your suggestions to Places that are open at night are particularly helpful.

So far we have our coffee and bakery places.... Wandering Goat, World Market/New Day Bakery, Sweet Life, Allan Bros/Beanery locations,Divine Cupcake, Cozmic, Market of Choice, Cafe Yumm locations, Cornbread, Starbucks on Campus, Roma and other eating spots along 13th,

For Day time spots....our Public Library's cafe is awesome, Friendly Market Cafe, Keystone, Morning Glory, Park Street, Barry's, Cozmic, Garys, Periguino, Midtown, Hideaway, Metropol,Full City locations, Perk on Willamette, Eugene City Bakery locations, Palace Bakery, Humble Bagle

These are all friendly spots but please be respectful and supportive of the business owners and of other patrons.

Check out this website re recovering democratic process..........
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