Chief Caleen Sisk of Winnemem Wintu Tribe-Charges Dropped

Chief Caleen Sisk of Winnemem Wintu Tribe-Charges Dropped

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The following is an email thread sent today 10/16/12 and a few days ago.
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From Chief Caleen Sisk:
Dear All, It has been a long worthy struggle for us all, but I feel like it was also a win for Human Rights for Indian Religion. There are so many questionable tactic that happened including the last minute dismissal of the citations without reason. But, I would like to ask Lauren to request from the US DA a response in writing of the dismissal and that it will not be on my record. How long does the local FS Office keep reports, pictures and files on a "dismissed" case?

Misa did a fine job explaining all the the things and I am so glad to have folks like your true hearts following real justice! Thank you all!

Misa Joo's explanation:

Well, everyone, you all knew before the Chief and we did! (smile) It's a relief, let me tell you as you well can imagine!

For those of us who did go, we are happy to have accomplished a few things:
Made contacts and networked in Redding (where it is very difficult to have those opportunities), continued to keep our story out there and prepared for the next step.

About 10 people showed up at the library for the pre-court rally and showing of Will's short takes of War Dance and Balas Chonos including the citations. The press showed up as well as an elderly man working on stopping the gravel pits planned for Shasta Lake City (potential ally) and the family who were threatened and assaulted by members of a hate group, and new supporters. When the lights went on, the Chief was not in the room for Q and A, and when she came in she had an announcement for us. She had gone into the hall to take a call on the cell phone and received affirmation that the US Attorney had dismissed the charges. YES!! Was that you. Lauren? The press got their story and asked the Chief what are the next steps.

She told them she will be contacting key people to work out another way to avoid this situation because we're still going to do ceremonies. There may be another Coming of Age as early as this July so it is important to investigate all possibilities, including closing it ourselves.

As is Caleen's way, we all showed up at 8 am as planned at the Courthouse. Those of you who know Redding know that it is important to make a showing on something important like human rights. Also, we weren't sure and wanted to make sure that there would be nothing on the record or nothing that could come back and bite the Chief. By the way, lots of Forest Service Law Enforcement driving in -- one being the citation guy. They saw a lot of people the length of the front of the courthouse with signs: AIM, drumming, singing, banner, Hoopa elders, the Winnemem who live at the village -- young people, and the adults, two dugout canoeists from the Rancheria, Dania who brought several youth from Hoopa, several young university people who drove up from San Jose, and young college students from several other colleges. ACLU members especially a young African American woman activist in Redding who belongs to ACLU and NAACP and wants Caleen to join a panel in Sacramento on racism end of November, and many non-Indian people. Awesome crowd! Important connections.

Another reason it was great to be there were all the honks! We are in Redding, after all. Some of the tribal members exercised caution and didn't show up for good reason == last week, three Native youth were shot at and wounded for no reason SWI (Standing while Indian). But we weren't shot at, and received many many honks of support. That was a good thing for us to experience.

I'll stop now. I am so grateful for all the people who traveled. for all of you who could not but signed the petition, for all of you who helped bring Marissa through Coming of Age, for all of you who prayed for us.

Nina Jackson -- I sold a lot of t-shirts out of my car in the Federal Courthouse parking lot (smile) and came home with orders for more.

Lauren, I contacted Daniel Rodriguez and gave him two contacts in his area. I appreciate his efforts. Wish I could see the banner!! Thanks for the info.

Thanks again for everything! Misa
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