8-3-15 Occupy Eugene GA Minutes

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8-3-15 Occupy Eugene GA Minutes

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8-3-15 Occupy Eugene GA Minutes

Facilitator: Art
Note taker: John T.
About 10 people were present (Sub-quorum consensus rules apply to any resolutions agreed to.)


1) Committee Reports
2) Anti-Racism Statement
3) Flood The System

Special conversation of note:

The Announcements e-mail list is only for announcements sent by the admins. OE Contacts was originally just for one person from each committee, but eventually expanded to have 91 people on it. OE_Discuss has 70 people on it.

Who is the moderator for the two Facebook groups? Connor.

Committee Reports:

Newsletter ---- Jack is looking for more articles by the end of August.

John T. --- I will have an article ready that talks about fair trade and the economy and how the movement of jobs overseas to save money is in many cases a farce.

Jan --- The newsletter still owes us $200.

Jack --- $200 was deposited in the credit union account.

Informal Contact Points Report (Working Group)

John T. ---- To get a conversation started with people in front of the library on Saturdays, it seems that it is really necessary to have my sign that says on one side 'From The Ukraine To Venezuela: Can't The USA Stay Out Of Anything?!' and on the other side 'The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth'. I didn't have my sign with me last weekend, so nothing much happened, but the previous week I had a conversation with a former member of OE who told me his theory that you can tell that the Earth's axis has shifted because the sun sets in a different place than it used to. He also told me that the Lane Community College building was built without the proper authorization to use the bond funds from the voters and he worked very diligently against that being built.

Jack – Eurasia stuff.

Finance Committee Report:

Jan --- Minor expenses

John --- Are there any other committees?

Jan --- Occupy Medical, Ward 9, etc.

Art --- There are others too.

Anti-Racism Statement:

Art --- Temperature check after reading the statement

“This statement represents a commitment to confront all forms of racism and the political and economic structures that normalize it.

Occupy Eugene is opposed to all forms of discrimination and racism, both explicit and implied through beliefs and actions that categorically dehumanize people, including but not limited to, Blacks, Latinos, Palestinians and other Arabs, Muslims, Jews, gender minorities, the socioeconomically disadvantaged including our homeless, women, alter-abled, children and elders and indigenous peoples worldwide.”

Art --- Temp Check result: unanimous in favor.

Anon --- I didn't twinkle. Having the word 'our' before 'homeless' is patronizing.

Jan --- Call the question.

Art --- There was one stand aside with sub quorum consensus achieved at this one meeting. We need to bring the exact same proposal wording back and have it approved at 2 more meetings before it can be finally adopted.

Dave ---- Not to change anything, but I'm involved with lots of different groups, but 3 groups listed in the statement are the same.

Jan – The question was already consensed on. Let's move on.

Flood The System:

John --- Rising Tide North America put out a call to flood the system.
Calling for shutting down the system. To stop climate change, we need massive action. We need dignified work, and pay and an end to discrimination, etc.

For more info and the complete mission statement, go to floodthesystem.net.

An organizing meeting may happen in the 2nd half of August.

Art --- Should OE form a working group?

John --- My dream would be to have a whole bunch of actions, each one backed by one pre-existing group.

Dave --- What is your goal/point?

John --- The goal is to raise the energy level against particular crises.

Dave --- Shell No?

John ---- Portland Rising Tide did that action.


Art --- Picket Jimmy John's. They have deplorable labor practices, making workers sign non-compete agreements where they can't work for a competing sandwich shop for 6 months after they quit.

Could be Occupy Eugene as part of Flood The System.

John --- Basically yes.

Jack --- Is there an international dimension to this?

John --- I don't know.

Jack --- Anti-Capitalism movements are already underway around the world.

Connor --- Make a written form of your proposal and post it to our Facebook group.

Mariah --- Everything that you mentioned could be part of Occupy. Put me down as being interested. Not willing to be arrested.

John --- Specific things to do:

Blockade oil or coal trains going through Eugene.

March and chalk along Broadway to let people know about the evacuation zones.

Have flash mobs at various shopping malls.

Art ---- Temperature Check? Looks good. You have our blessing.

Connor --- I do a lot of online stuff. Follow up with me to get stuff posted.

Art --- Talk to Vickie Nelson about getting this as a topic in her column in the Eugene Weekly.

Jan --- I'm interested in action, not just another meeting.

John --- We need people to help organize the next action.

Dave --- Cascadia Rising Tide

Art --- Post something to OE Contacts and ask people to reply to you privately.

Committee Reports Continued:

Occupy Medical:

Connor --- They are low on socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, gatorade powder, dog food and cat food.


IWW movie on Wednesday August 5th about Who Bombed Judi Bari. 601 W 13th Ave, Eugene, from 7PM-9PM.

Connor --- Added this event to the announcement on the OE Facebook page.

Mariah --- A lot of people wanted to be here on Mondays, but they still aren't here. Let's discuss different methods of decision making.

Jan --- August is not a good time to meet. It is a wonder that we have as many people here tonight as showed up (about 10 people).

Connor --- Various other people (about 5 people) might have been here tonight except for emergencies.

John --- How to get more people here is a good discussion to have.

John T ---- Announcement: Green Drinks is on Friday, August 14th, at World Cafe on Blair and W 4th Ave from 5PM-7PM.

From the Helios web site:

Please join us for GREEN DRINKS, our monthly gathering of progressives and socializing. Here's your chance to let your hair down and unwind with the folks you work so hard with on your political, social and environmental endeavors.

2015 is the 20th anniversary of the struggle to save Warner Creek, and at 5:15pm speaker Timothy Ingalsbee will briefly share some of the history and his experience in this successful fight. See the Helios calendar to learn more about a series of events happening this weekend to celebrate the effort, and the founding of Cascadia Forest Defenders.

Friday, 14 August, 2015

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
World Cafe (New Day Bakery)
449 Blair Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402

Meeting adjourned

(Dave and Mariah discussed the Anti-Racism proposal. Dave wanted clarification as to why Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims seemed to be mentioned three times while Jews were mentioned only once. Mariah clarified that not all Palestinians are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims, so they needed to be mentioned separately.)
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