10-5-15 Occupy Eugene General Assembly Minutes

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10-5-15 Occupy Eugene General Assembly Minutes

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Minutes Of Occupy Eugene October 5, 2015 General Assembly


How We Take Minutes
Committee Reports
Policy On Demonstrations
Sizzle Pie Boycott
Planned Parenthood Protest
Anti-Racsim Resolution
National Homeless Day Action
UCC Vigil
Tee Shirts
Ask That City Enforce State Laws Regarding Pedestrian Rights Of Way
Volunteers To Help With Gannon's Trial

Facilitator – Jan
Note taker --- John T

How We Take Minutes ---

Record decisions, the exact wording of proposals, how many people voted for or against, note if there were substantial disagreements. Don't attempt to record exactly what was said by everybody as this is not coming through accurately and with appropriate credits for the originators of ideas anyway.

Committee Reports:

Library Committee – Needs volunteers for book sale.

Newsletter --- The newsletter is almost ready.

Finance Committee --- The Oregon County Fair Portable Toilet Fund is now closed. The remaining money went to the O.U.R.S. Camp.

Informal Contact Points --- Not much going on. May move ICP time to Sundays at Occupy Medical instead of Saturdays.

Actions Group – Fledgling Actions group met once.

Point of Order: Motion to approve Agenda with or without time constraints listed for each item?

Temp Check on motion: Let facilitator handle the amount of time for each item as they come up.

There is a Crowd Management And Control meeting (where?) on Thursday. Will send a link to the 50+ page pdf on OE Contacts.

Discussion of Sizzle Pie Boycott (with quorum of 15 people)

Sidewalk Business Permit allows businesses to trespass people for busking, petitioning, etc.
Should we picket Sizzle Pie?

Motion: Occupy Eugene supports boycotting Sizzle Pie

There was a wide ranging discussion.

Art withdrew the motion after temperature check indicated significant opposition to the motion.

Some people were willing to continue the discussion after the meeting.

(In a conversation after the meeting, Art indicated that an informal, not OE endorsed picket might start happening on Friday, October 9, time TBA.)

Anti Racism Statement:


Approve the following statement without modification:

This statement represents a commitment to confront all forms of racism and the political and economic structures that normalize it.

Occupy Eugene is opposed to all forms of discrimination and racism, both explicit and implied through beliefs and actions that categorically dehumanize people, including but not limited to, Blacks, Latinos, Palestinians, and other Arabs, Muslims, Jews, gender minorities, the socioeconomically disadvantaged including our homeless, women, alter-abled, children and elders and indigenous peoples worldwide.

After some wrangling over how many stand asides would cause the motion to fail, one stand aside was withdrawn so that there would be only 2 official stand asides and so the motion passed. As soon as the minutes are published, this motion will go into full effect as it has now been passed at 3 GA's in a row.

Planned Parenthood Protest:
There will be a nationwide day of action against Planned Parenthood on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. A local anti-abortion action will occur at the Franklin Blvd PP facility from 9AM-12PM on Saturday, October 10, 2015. John T is proposing to have a rally in support of PP happen from 9AM-12PM on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at 7th and Pearl in downtown Eugene in an attempt to hold a safe space for a pro Planned Parenthood rally and to also possibly get anti-abortion activists to show up downtown instead of in front of a PP facility. John T is looking for recruits. This action was not endorsed by OE since there was not a quorum when this item came up.

National Homeless Day Action:
This is the first action of the fledgling new Action Committee. There are many homeless students and some 95% of students are cutting their food budgets to help pay for school (living on $30-$40 per week for food). There will be a demonstration that starts at the EWEB fountain at 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 10, 2015. Then there will be a march from there to the Stadium on Game Day, starting at 11:30AM Saturday. We are making a pamphlet to hand out. Looking for ideas on what to say in the pamphlet.

UCC Shooting Vigil:
There will be a sign holding event at 5:30PM to 6:30 PM at 7th and Pearl on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. People are welcome to bring signs that talk about solutions as well as the problems. John T will be promoting solutions to inequality that is at the root of both violence and homelessness, such as Unconditional Housing and Universal Basic Income.

Tee Shirts --- The 'We Are Not Leaving' T-Shirts are proving to be popular. Getting feedback that we should make more. Is there enough interest to make more?

Ask City To Enforce Pedestrian Right Of Way, State laws concerning Pedestrian Rights Of Way.
Print out and have us all sign a letter to the City?
Wide ranging discussion.

Volunteers To Help Mike Gannon at his trial Oct 15th at 9:30 AM (where?) for 5 citations of trespassing on UO Campus. He was put on the 'no trespass' list.
Wide ranging discussion.


Tim Wise will be at UO talking about anti-racism on October 15th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25PM.

Amendment: The Pro Planned Parenthood rally at 7th and Pearl will happen from 9AM-10:30AM on Saturday, October 10, 2015, so as not to conflict with the Homeless Day Rally/March at 11AM at EWEB.
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