Occupy Eugene General Assembly Minutes of Feb 1st, 2016

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Occupy Eugene General Assembly Minutes of Feb 1st, 2016

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Occupy Eugene General Assembly Minutes of Feb 1st, 2016

Facilitator: Art
Note taker: John T



Committee Reports

City Elections

Occupy The Capitol

Kessey Square

Community Partners


Committee Reports:

Newsletter – We are in business again. Have to get the writing done in 6 weeks. There are 8 or 10 articles (?) lined up. Hope to get back onto a quarterly schedule. Deadline for articles for the next issue is mid March. Discussion of various article possibilities.

Occupy Interfaith --- Group of little old ladies. Last week they had a public forum on violence with guns. About 1/3 of the audience was pro-gun. Mariah read a letter that she wrote to a senator about background checks and mental illness.

Library --- Haven't done much.

ESSN --- This is the year that the right tries to do in the Union movement. The Koch brothers are trying to get people to quit their unions. Letter writing campaign against anti-free speech trespass on county property.

Oregon has state preemption of local rent control laws. $15 per hour for all city employees. They have to work under 20 hours per week in order for them to work as temps long term. Re City Council: Does voting on salaries of workers violate the city charter?

City Elections:

Diversity Of Tactics --- Should someone we like be running for local office?

Deadline to file is in a month or so. (March 5th, 2016)

Discussion of possibilities including Olympia, Washington where an Occupy candidate got 27% of the vote.

Put a proposed meeting of an affinity group for this on OE Contacts list about organizing for one or more people to run this Thursday 5:30PM-6:30PM in the Occupy office? No one is interested. So there will be no meeting.

Further discussion of possible candidates.

Occupy the Capitol – More details to follow on OE Discuss.

Introductions again for new arrivals (still sub quorum).

Kesey Square:

Handing out books this Wednesday from 12PM-1PM this week (2-3-16)

On Save Kesey Square Facebook Page, someone quoted city council saying that “The same people keep saying the same things [during oral communications before the city council]”.

Discussion of city council and possible candidates.

Community Partners:

Nightengale Public Advocacy Collective is a local 501 c3. There will be a bake sale this Friday (2-5-16). Web site is www.respectexistence.org. Supporting unsanctioned camps including 9th Ward. Over 45 camp for disabled and elderly. Shelter first for housing first waiting list people.

Discussion of camps vs motels cost effectiveness and other issues. St Vinnies is the only org to step up so far.

$400K is still available for someone who wants to make a proposal to house the homeless.

Track town development should be engaged by progressive community to get some benefits after the big track event in 2021. Track + field.

Police commission meetings are recorded and archived on the city web site.

Art has “filed charges” over the breaking of the public records law by city officials.

There is also a public computer terminal where you can see all the e-mails sent to city council members . This is located in the lobby of the city council offices.

Discussion of public records act requests.

A Community Together (ACT):

Started community sanitation fund for porta potties for unsanctioned camps. They have purchased a porta potty so they don't have to rent one anymore.

Encircle Films is showing The Overnighters at 7PM at the Bejou on E 13th Ave on Thursday (2-4-16).

Eric Richardson at 13th and Chambers UU Church at 7PM (what days?) for the next month is giving a series of talks on racism.

Mariah gave the city council a packet on racism and one of the councilors was very interested so we may see something.

Wednesday 12PM-1PM (2-3-16) Kesey Square book giveaway.

CLDC Open House 5:30PM-8:30PM Friday (2-5-16).

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM.
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