12. 18 Occupy Eugene Responds to Police Expenditure

12. 18 Occupy Eugene Responds to Police Expenditure

Postby laurenasprooth » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:09 pm

Occupy Eugene applauds the city council for recognizing that homelessness is an issue requiring more significant attention, and for allocating greater funding for Eugene’s houseless population.

However, Occupy Eugene did not request funds for an increased police presence at the site, and maintains that the site has been running adequately with the help of volunteer peace keepers and calling the EPD if necessary. On many occasions, the systems in place at the site have demonstrated their effectiveness by providing emergency medical resources, and the community in camp has increasingly begun removing individuals who are unable or unwilling to abide by the rules regarding peaceful and lawful co-existence adopted by the General Assembly.

The extra expense of police presence to tax payers is not at the request of Occupy Eugene.
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