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When Keegan saw Whoville resident Ken in a wheelchair on the news, he said “this is enough!”  Keegan has struggled his whole life with a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer and he is a boy that is wise beyond his years.  Keegan’s parents were supportive when he asked to visit Whoville and they quickly became regulars that would arrive with food every Saturday.

DSC_0167In February of 2014, Keegan decided he would walk to Salem to speak with the Governor and ask for compassion and help with the issues that plague Oregon’s homeless.  He walked from Eugene on March 7, 2014 with 66 miles to go.  Although he was only able to walk the first 15 miles and the last 10 miles, he gave it his all.  Family, SLEEPS, and Whoville protesters walked with him and his effort was rewarded by a meeting with Governor Kitzhaber when he arrived at the capitol.

Keegan also challenged Eugene’s City Council to sleep a night on the streets with him and experience what it is like to be unhoused.  Although no city officials took him up on his challenge, he slept outside with his father and other SLEEPS and Whoville Protesters for 3 days.  Keegan is a special person and his compassion for others is evident. It is a blessing to be able to learn from the young man.  Life is precious and we thank Keegan for his kind heart and the way his efforts helped others to see how important it is to help everyone in our community to have the most quality of life possible.

Photos by Jana Thrift

DSC_0037Photos and Videos Listed by Subject & Date:

Keegans Walk to Salem State Capitol – Edited Video by Jana Thrift – March 7, 2014

Keegan’s Public Testimony Challenging Eugene Council Members to Sleep Outdoors in the City for a Night – April 14, 2014


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