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Occupy Radio: 8-14-2013: Occupy National Gathering

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The Occupy movement will be two years old in just over a month, and in just over a week, Occupy will celebrate its second annual Occupy Natioinal Gathering. Planners have been planning for the better part of a year. Occupy Kalamazoo put their town forward as host. The host city is preparing with non-violence training for its cops and a big park is open for camping. Things are coming together nicely in Kalamazoo, but this year’s gathering isn’t without controversy.

Liz Myer’s of Occupy the Media’s Air Occupy, Chris, “Whammy” Wahmhoff, of Occupy Kalamazoo and Trish Shore of Occupy Philly, join Occupy Radio this week for a comprehensive look at the 2013 Occupy National Gathering.





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