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14/10/29 Occupy Radio: Occupy Central Report from Hong Kong
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Occupy Central with love and peace has been filling downtown Hong Kong with thousands of people demanding their democratic rights. This week, Occupy Radio speaks with Victoria Hui about what is becoming known worldwide as The Umbrella Movement. Also, Camilla Mortensen from the Eugene Weekly gives up the scoop on the record-breaking spending over Oregon’s GMO labeling bill. Join us for updates on Ferguson, former Occupy Radio guest Rev. Pinkney’s struggle for justice in Benton Harbor, MI, and this upcoming election that is just around the corner.

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, Victoria’s Bloghttp://victoriatbhui.wordpress.com/

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Hong Kong’s Occupy Central now has its own video game http://qz.com/285458/hong-kongs-occupy-central-now-has-its-own-video-game/

Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says http://qz.com/284352/hong-kong-has-too-many-poor-people-to-allow-direct-elections-leader-says/

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Eugene Weekly: www.eugeneweekly.com

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