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15/6/10 Dominion Puts Cops on the Corporate Dole; Maine Re-Writes International Treaties

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Corporate domination and conquest mentality are two sides of the same coin, Occupiers, and this week on Occupy Radio, our guests Anne Meador and Sherri Mitchell, share news from two struggles – one in Maryland, the other in Maine – that show how hundreds of years of conquest are now transforming into abusive and destructive corporate domination.

Land Peace Foundation http://landpeacefoundation.net/
Sherri Mitchell Sacred Instructions on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sacredinstructions

Beyond Extreme Energy http://beyondextremeenergy.org/

When Police Harass Citizens, Are Corporations Getting What They Pay For?

#StoptheFERCus Coverage by John Zangas and Anne Meador:
About natural gas, coal and greenhouse gas emissions:
So if someone asks: β€œIs gas better than oil or coal?” the short answer seems to be yes. And when it comes to complicated issues that have science at their core, often the short answer is the (basically) correct one. …In the case of gas, however, the short answer may not be the correct one….
An expert report … concluded that greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation using efficient forms of coal burning were not that much more than from gas.– Naomi Oreskes, The Nation.

What this means is that most of the benefit natural gas offers comes not from the gas itself but from how it is burned, and this is mostly because gas plants tend to be new and use more efficient burning technologies. The lesson, not surprisingly: if you burn a fuel using twenty-first-century technology, you get a better result than with late-nineteenth- or twentieth-century technology. – Anne Meador

More on abuse of powers by intelligences services wrt environmental activists: Keystone XL activist placed on no-fly list as a result of the unapproved FBZi investigation an surveillance.

Art Killing Apathy: #StopTheFercus http://www.artkillingapathy.com/stopthefercus/

Stop the Ferc-Us! Not One More Permit! http://environmental-action.org/blog/stop-the-ferc-us-not-one-more-permit/
We interviewed Jimmy Betts about the Stop the Fercus campaign on Occupy Radio’s 2015 Summer Camp Special: http://occupyradio.podomatic.com/entry/2015-05-05T21_13_59-07_00

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