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15/6/17 Occupy Radio: Blocking Shell’s Path to the Arctic; Fighting Discrimination in Fayetteville

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Shell’s massive Polar Pioneer Oil Rig broke through a line of early morning kayaktivists and is heading for the open sea, and eventually it’s intended destination for the next 77 years in the Arctic. We speak with Sweetwater Nannauck, of Idle No More, about the efforts to hold back the monster rig.

We hear from Justine Turnage, of the Transgender Equality Network of Fayetteville Arkansas as she prepares for the big fight to re-institute an anti-discrimination bill in Fayettevilele.

Plus, Occupiers, you might notice another change, or two, this week, on Occupy Radio.

Idle No More Washington on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Idle-No-More-Washington/467317416649876

Shell No! Captured by Afterimage Studio: http://www.afterimageseattle.com/idle-no-more-protests-shell-oil-drilling-in-the-arctic-seattle/#!

The Dignity Virus http://thedignityvirus.com/2015/06/14/protests-against-shell-continue-with-idle-no-more-event-at-don-armeni-park-in-seattle/

Localize This! and the BackBone Campaign


Fayetteville Free Zone


Justine Speaks on the need for new legislation: https://www.facebook.com/FayFreeZone/videos/1586586781601022/

Charels Hartman: Youth and the ADO

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