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Occupy Radio: American Healthcare Victimizes the Poor, and Uninsured

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Breaking news, Occupiers, for-profit American healtch care systems are profiting from the poor and uninsured at a rate of 1000%. That means if you’re poor, or uninsured, you will likely pay ten times the amount for medical care as someone who can better afford such a price tag. Dr. Ge Bai joins us to discuss her study which pinpointed this iniquity

Plus, Sue Sierralupe, clinic manager at Eugene’s Occupy Medical, drives home the sad truth about American healthcare. If you’re poor, the American healthcare system is designed more to extract profit, than to keep you healthy.

Some Hospitals Marking Up Prices More Than 1,000 Percent http://www.jhsph.edu/news/news-releases/2015/some-hospitals-marking-up-prices-more-than-1000-percent.html

Ge Bai at Washington and Lee University

Sue Sierralupe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SueSierralupe
Occupy Medical http://occupy-medical.org/
Practical Herbalist http://practicalherbalist.com/
Real Herbalism Radio http://www.realherbalismradio.com/
Herbalist Manifesto:

8 facts that explain what’s wrong with American health care http://www.vox.com/2014/9/2/6089693/health-care-facts-whats-wrong-american-insurance

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