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15/8/5 Freedom Sleepers and Homeless Civil Rights; Earth Quaker Action Team Scores a Win

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As the upward transfer of wealth leaves more and more people living on the streets, cities and states are getting creative in their efforts to make being homeless illegal. From camping bans to laws against the public sharing of food, there truly is an American war against the homeless.

Abbi Samuels joins Occupy Radio this week to talk about the Santa Cruz Freedom Sleepers. The Freedom Sleepers take their sleeping bags to the steps of the Santa Cruz City Hall to fight the city wide sleeping ban.

Eileen Flanagan is an author and Chair of the Earth Quaker Action Team. Eileen talks about the dedicated non-violent resistance that delivered a hard-earned victory against mountain top removal.

Eileen’s website: http://eileenflanagan.com

An article about EQAT’s win:

It’s under construction at the moment, but here’s Earth Quaker Action Team’s site: http://eqat.org

Santa Cruz Freedom Sleeps





Auntie Imperial mentions the Freedom Sleepers: http://auntieimperial.tumblr.com/

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