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15/8/19 Occupy Radio: Generation Waking Up, and Truth and Reconciliation for America

no justice no peace

It’s two tales of hope this week on Occupy Radio.

Joshua Gorman is looking for the leaders of tomorrow. He founded Generation Waking Up as a way to help motivate the Millennials. Joshua shares his high hopes for the generation who will be inheriting everything we leave behind.

Deva Temple has created Truth and Reconciliation for America. She tells us that our surest path forward is through a frank and open conversation about our cultural and personal transgressions.


Truth and reconciliation is coming to America from the grassroots

Carnegie Council Examining the Potential for an American Truth and Reconciliation Commission

North American Truth and Reconcilation Coalition http://natrcoalition.org/

‘Without our children, what are we?’ Maine cited for removing Native kids

The Great Turning (JoannaMacy):http://www.joannamacy.net/thegreatturning.html

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