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15/10/14 Occupy Radio: the 8 Laws of Change, with Stephan A Schwartz


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With the Occupy movement gone from the headlines, more than one pundit has suggested that the whole uprising was nothing more than a fad. For a few months, at the end of 2011, it was fashionable, and hip to occupy public space, and to tempt the wrath of the law. Eventually though, as fads often do, it faded from the cultural consciousness, without enacting meaningful systemic change.
This week on Occupy Radio, Stephan Schwartz, author of the 8 Laws of Change, tells us that we are still on schedule. Change is coming, but it’s going to take more work, and a shift in our perspective.
​Explore Journal: http://www.explorejournal.com/content/schwartz
Institute of Noetic Sciences: http://noetic.org/directory/person/stephan-schwartz
8 Laws on Nemoseen: http://www.nemoseen.com/books-by-stephan-a-schwartz/the-8-laws-of-change/
8 Laws listed here: http://www.stephanaschwartz.com/PDF/The%20Power%20-%208%20Laws.fin.pdf
8 Laws at Simon and Schuster: http://books.simonandschuster.com/The-8-Laws-of-Change/Stephan-A-Schwartz/9781620554579
Remote Viewing: http://www.irva.org/conferences/speakers/schwartz.html

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