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15/10/21 Occupy Radio: Sherri Mitchell, of Love (and revolution) Radio, and an Announcement


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Big news this week, Occupiers. Since Occupy Radio first aired nearly four years ago, we’ve focused on the corrupting influence of money on our government, and our communities. We’ve tracked the battles against the Keystone pipeline, and the Trans Pacific Partnership. We’ve cheered the rise of Idle No More, and Black Lives Matter. We’ve charted the erosion of our civil liberties, as the American government veered sharply away from the needs of the people, toward the demands of corporate cash.

Sherri Mitchell joins us this week, as we announce the next phase of Love, Revolution, and Student Debt, from your hosts on Occupy Radio.

Land Peace Foundation http://landpeacefoundation.net/

Sherri Mitchell Sacred Instructions on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sacredinstructions

Sherri’s most recent appearance on Occupy Radio:

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