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15/12/23 Occupy Radio 2015 Conspiracy Christmas Special


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It’s four years of candy-striped, holiday-based, conspiracies, Occupiers. Once again, Aaron Spears of Mic Check Radio brings us tales of Texas Takeovers, Hollywood Missile launches, Osama and Obama, and more from the crisis actors pulling the strings on America’s terrortainment industrial complex.

Four years and plenty more where this came from, it’s the 2015 Christmas Conspiracy show, on Occupy Radio.

1-Intro: Why conspiracy theories / history of conspiracies for Christmas

2-San Bernardino Mass Shooting
Conspiracy Club calls San Bernardino shooting a false flag
Memory hole blog takes us behind the scenes

3-Jade Helm 2015 (speaking of false flags…)
Probably the most stupidly entertaining conspiracy theory of 2015.
Large scale military training exercise which took place across a majority of the southern states. The residents of Texas were whipped up into a frenzy of paranoid outrage over the planned “Invasion of Texas.”

4-LA Missile Launch / NASA UFO footage (or lack there of this year)
Huge offshore missile launch seen widely across the southwest United States. Due to the nature of the launch, there was no advance warning to Los Angeles at large. The missile launch filled the sky during rush hour, and was seen by thousands, if not millions of people.
Here’s the most popular youtube video of the event:
News reports on Friday, November 6th reported that the ocean off the coast near LAX had been closed by the military.
About a week later, a similar missile profile appeared over Russia. Are we witnessing superpowers trying to one-up each other with secret missile launches?

Missile seen over Downtown Los Angeles

Missile seen over Downtown Los Angeles

The missile test was seen dramatically as far north as San Francisco, over 400 miles away

The missile test was seen dramatically as far north as San Francisco, over 400 miles away


NASA UFO Cover-up 2015: not very exciting video. International Space Station cuts feed after UFO’s appear leaving Earth.

5-Satanic Video: creepy video with layers of coded messages. If you listen to this clip, will you be stalked by scary, Japanese horror movie kids? Should you watch the video? The choice is yours. We make no claims for your safety, or peril.
Prepare to creep-out your eyes and ears with this video.
Here’s an analysis video of WTF is going on.

6-Sy Hersh: Obama and the Official account of the killing of Osama bin Laden
The official coming out of the Obama administration differs significantly from Seymour Hersh’s investigative piece. Maybe Seal Team Six wasn’t quite as heroic. Maybe the CIA wasn’t all that slick. Maybe, putting a $25 million bounty on Osama, was the real key.

7-Possible preview of 2016 conspiracies
It’s an election year and that always brings out the accusations of conspiracy

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