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15/9/16 Occupy Radio: Public Banking, and RIP Medical Debt


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We’re going for a late summer swim, Occupiers. Swimming in debt, that is. We all have debt. Student loan debt is even greater than credit card debt. Medical debt is destroying lives; and what about our national debt? The interest payments alone on all of that debt are staggering, and yet all of the benefits are going to a tiny fraction of the population.

Walt McRee of the Public Banking Institute, and Jerry Ashton of RIP Medical Debt join Occupy Radio this week to talk about debt, how we create it, how we get rid of it, and how we channel more of the benefits to the people, instead of buying yachts.

It’s Our Money, with Walt McRee, and Ellen Brown:http://itsourmoney.podbean.com/
Public Banking Institute:

These Guys Want to Help Pay Your Medical Bills
Two men on a mission to pay off people’s medical debt
Two men on a mission to pay off people’s medical debt
These former debt collectors decided to ditch the industry, buy up medical debt, and forgive it

Public Banking keeps channeling money back into the community. Private Banking feeds all the money to Wall Street.

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