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Occupy Eugene Media Group

About Us

“Working to bring creative talents together from a diverse set of media types.  Our effort is to produce relevant content that can be shared with the world.”

janaFilmingWhovilleSignChangeThe Occupy Eugene Media Group (OEMG) is a network of producers that work independently but are available to share their knowledge, resources, and assistance with media related activities.

Occupy TV and Occupy Radio are part of the excellent work done by the Occupy Eugene Media Group.  Occupy TV shows were produced by the Occupy Eugene Media Group (OEMG) from approximately March 2012 to May 2013.  Occupy TV still plays on Community Television of Lane County’s Channel 29.  Occupy Radio plays on KWVA FM 88.1 every Wednesday at 7pm.  It has been on the air since April 18, 2012 and has its own website at http://www.occupyradio.org.  The IMG_1038occupyeugenemedia youtube channel we manage has 297 videos on it and our new communitysolutionsmedia youtube channel has 185.  Since Occupy Eugene began, we have created a large amount of media to help with many important issues and we are proud to share our work with you here.

In 2014 the Occupy Eugene Media Group received a Project Grant from the Wayne Morse Center at the University of Oregon.  We used the money we received to create an archive of photos, videos, and audios from the beginning of Occupy Eugene to our current activist efforts.  You can find the library online at Community Solutions Media.  OEMG members Jana Thrift and David Zupan produced a video called “Houseless Not Hopeless” this year and it received an award for Best Short Documentary at the 2014 Eugene International Film Festival.  It will also be playing on OPB in the Oregon Lens Festival this Summer.

janaInterviewKenWe continue to work hard toward helping our planet and community through the use of independent media.  If you have any further questions about who we are, you can go to Photographers and Videographers Documenting the Movement or email Jana at occupyall1@gmail.com.

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