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David Geitgey Sierralupe goes by Getch, because there are too many Daves. After Occupy Eugene was evicted from their camp, Joe Tyndall started Occupy Radio on KWVA. In 2013, Joe left the show, and KWVA put Occupy Radio on the Pacifica Network. Now, Rivera Sun, author of the Dandelion Insurrection, and the Billionaire Buddha,co-hosts, and Occupy Radio is heard by thousands, each week, across the nation.>

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.34.53 AMAlong the way, Getch also started the Occupy the Media collective. OTMC carries 7 Occupy and social justice podcasts each week. OTMC Live! is one such show. Recorded each Sunday night, formerly live, Getch, Sue Sierralupe, and Johnny K Dangers get snarky about the news.

When not producting anti-corporate radio and podcast content, Getch remodels homes in the Eugene/Springfield area.


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IMG_0181Occupy Eugene – Kesey Square Revival – March 16, 2013

Occupy Eugene General Assembly – Park Blocks – March 23, 2012

Challenging Foreclosure at Lane County Courthouse – March 4, 2012

Occupiers Meet at the Warehouse After Move to Amend Rally

Occupy Eugene and Move to Amend – February 24th & 25th, 2012

Occupy Eugene and Occupy Cottage Grove – February 24, 2012

Occupy Eugene and Occupy Portland University – February 21, 2012

IMG_7119General Assembly – January 31, 2012

Dear Oregon Police – January 29, 2012

Occupy Eugene Signing – January 24, 2012

Occupy Eugene March & Event – January 21, 2012

Occupier Photos – January 15, 2012

Occupy Eugene at the Eugene City Council – January 9, 2012

Protest – January 4, 2012

New Years Party at the OEV Warehouse – January 1, 2012

Occupy Eugene Meets at Warehouse Before First March – October 8, 2011

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