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Community Supported Shelters (CSS) manages the Eugene Safe Spot (ESS) for age 20-40, so that young people trying to get off the streets can have a safe legal place to sleep. Having a secure place and a good nights sleep helps anyone be able to do better.  With the help and support of CSS, many residents have successfully found housing after living in the camp. Through Erik & Faye being willing to sponsor a site, many people have been able to make their lives better–so thank you to them and the many others that make this project the miracle that it is for the unhoused in Eugene.

The Safe Spots have several features that make them a very basic, but livable environment for people without other shelter options. These include (1) a set of rules that provide a system of support to it’s residents, (2) port-a-potties, (3) trash/recycling service, (4) a source of drinkable water, (5) a fire pit, (6) a small covered space for common use and meetings, (7) platforms for tents with covers for the winter months, (8) bi-weekly check-in meetings, (9) a useable address, or documentable location (not for receiving mail), and (10) an environment that makes peer and social support more of a possibility for peoples lives.

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Photos by Jana Thrift

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