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Community Supported Shelters manages the Veteran’s Safe Spot.  It gives a place for 15 of Eugene’s unhoused veterans to have safe shelter and a legal place to sleep.  These camps provide very basic, but livable environments for people without other shelter options.  The safe spot offers (1) a set of rules that provide a system of support to it’s residents, (2) port-a-potties, (3) trash/recycling service, (4) a source of drinkable water, (5) a fire pit, (6) a small covered space for common use and meetings, (7) platforms for tents with covers for the winter months, (8) bi-weekly check-in meetings, (9) a useable address, or documentable location (not for receiving mail), and (10) an environment that makes peer and social support more of a possibility for peoples lives.

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Photos by Jana Thrift

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Photos and Videos of Camp

Interviews with People Living at the “Vet” Safe Spot

The Dignity Project

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