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Occupy really brought the suffering of our unhoused into the conversations of people everywhere.  One thing that grew from that was an effort to talk about solutions in church congregations and community gatherings.

In Eugene, these conversations grew into action by several groups.  Occupy Interfaith worked to bring churches together to help with many different issues.  Food Not Bombs joined with Occupy Medical to offer a free vegan meal on Sundays in addition to the Friday dinners they already served.  The Burrito Brigade began making vegan burritos and taking them to hungry people all over town;  quickly going from serving 40 to 400.  Food Love and the Badass Feeding Frenzy (part of Eugene Catholic Workers) also grew to serve large amounts of people–all thankful for the food as well as the caring community that brought it to them.

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10959736_1601732286715672_3584764735219849512_nEugene Avant Gardeners

Food Not Bombs

Burrito Brigade

Food Love, Rainbow Inc.

Badass Feeding Frenzy



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