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Community Supported Shelters (CSS) “safe spots” greatly help the unhoused people who live there by providing a legal place for them to get their basic human needs met.  Having that is the first step to many other accomplishments that can be made when you don’t have to worry about things like avoiding a ticket by the police without sleeping somewhere you might be mugged, raped or even killed.  This help is immeasurable according to “safe spot” residents, because living without housing is not easy.

If you ask anyone at a “safe spot” how they feel about the program, they will express their thanks profusely and share how meaningful the space is to them.  A safe place to sleep, shelter from the weather, use of a bathroom, storage of belongings, and access to water are just a few of the vital services “safe spots” are praised for.  Residents are happy to participate with Community Supported Shelters in projects set up by CSS to help their greater community.  After visiting one of these sites, you come to realize that our unhoused have a lot to offer and it’s a shame that American society today makes it so hard for so many people to reach their potential.

Interviews From the Roosevelt Safe SpotScreen Shot 2015-06-07 at 5.32.58 PM

Interviews From the NW Expressway Safe Spot for Ages 20-40

Interviews From the “Vet” Safe Spot


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