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Occupy Eugene went to Washington Jefferson Park at 7th & Jefferson on November 5, 2011.  They Occupied the park until Christmas Eve although the park was fenced in on December 23 and then no one but a clean up crew were allowed to go back in after leaving.  The Eugene city government had followed suit after other Occupies all over the country were evicted in the same or a worse manner.

The park had been a place where people of all kinds came together to search for solutions to the worlds very big problems.  It was not a perfect place, but it was a good start to creating a community that is taking action to do what’s needed.  The process of empowerment that was occurring at the camp got everyone’s attention and although the camp closed, the work that has been done these past years by people inspired by Occupy Eugene is still changing our community into a better place.  People are becoming more educated about local issues and understand better, why activism is important and how to get involved in some way to make the world

christie2Photos by Jana Thrift
Photos by David Geitgey Sierralupe
Photos by Robert Long

Photos and Videos Listed by Subject & Date:

Raw Interviews with Occupiers

Paul Simon’s Morale Before the General Assembly – November 25, 2011

Serving Food at the Occupy Eugene (OE) Kitchen – November 27, 2011

Occupy Medical First Aid Tent in the Park – November 27, 2011

S2068erving Food at the Occupy Eugene (OE) Kitchen – December 20, 2011

Ben at Occupy Eugene (OE)

Evening at the Park – December 19, 2011

The Christmas Tree – December 19, 2011

Stand Up for the 99% – December 19, 2011

IMG_2077Fencing Up OE – December 22, 2011

Geneva’s Tree Sit – December 22, 2011

Eviction Notices at the Park – December 22, 2011

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