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On July 11, 2012 Occupy Eugene was evicted from the old federal building, where they were continuously protesting since May 1, 2012.  An Occupier named Brave Beatrice was arrested for not leaving.  The arrest was planned with organizers from Occupy Eugene and the Civil Liberties Defense Center, in order to take the case to court.  Our constitution intended no curfew to free speech!

We live in a time when our country desperately needs brave individuals to stand up for the freedoms we believe in and it is with great pride that Occupiers in Eugene said “we’re not leaving”.  Beatrice’s arrest made it possible for the case to go to court and on  September 10, 2014 federal Judge Michael McShane ruled that General Services Administration officials wrongly restricted protesters’ First Amendment rights when they limited Occupy Eugene’s around-the-clock protest outside the Federal Building.

DSC01358Photos by Jana Thrift
Photos by Dusk McNeely

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Brave Beatrice preparing to be Arrested for Free Speech – July 11, 2012


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