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After Occupy Eugene was evicted from Washington Jefferson Park many of the valuable items from the camp were taken to a warehouse on 7th & Polk.  For most of 2012 Occupy Eugene had an office there.  Many occupiers celebrated christmas 2011 with a party at Occupy Eugene Five (OEV) and rang in the 2012 New Year there as well.  OEV was open for the public to meet and collaborate.  The space was used for sharing information and networking to find solutions for our world’s hardest issues.

Occupy Eugene General Assemblies and many other committees met there.  The second Occupy Oregon Assembly on February 25, 2012 brought Occupiers from all over Oregon to meet there and problem solve.  In November of 2012 SLEEPS began its campaign with 3 days of meetings at the OEV building.  People from Portland and Seattle came to share with Eugene’s SLEEPS activists how they helped create safe legal places for unhoused people to sleep in their cities.  The Occupation Education Training Series was held at OEV from March 14, 2012 to May 23, 2012.  So much good work was done during the time that Occupy Eugene used the OEV building.  Many thanks goes out to Helen, the owner of the warehouse.  Her generosity continues to help people through the ideas that came from everyone working together at OEV.

DSC_0390Photos by Jana Thrift 

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