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OCCUPY MEDICAL (OM) – At the Eugene Park Blocks

Occupy Medical began in the Park Blocks during the beginning of Occupy Eugene.  They moved with every Occupy Eugene protest site until the last camp at Washington Jefferson was shut down by the city.

They then went back to the park blocks for a short while, before having the Sunday Clinic at the Federal Building between “date and date ?”.  After a lot of hard work, they gained more and more community support.  “?date” OM applied for a grant to buy the Mobile Clinic Bus.  They bought a bus from “?” and many community members (who contribute to this day), worked to make the Clinic Bus the bringer of miracles to those in need.

They negotiated with the city to have permission to bring the mobile clinic to the Park Blocks every Sunday and now Occupy Medical is  back where it all began. On 8th & Oak you can find them each Sunday between Noon and 4pm, offering free medical services with volunteer Doctors and Nurses; plus no cost herbal remedies from knowledgable herbalists.

Occupy Medical is supported by the generosity of our community, with no government funds.  There is no verification of income required to receive help.  Serving anyone who needs it, the clinic consists of 3 canopies and the bus parked alongside the Park Blocks each Sunday.  They serve water and offer donated items.  Food Not Bombs and the Burrito Brigade joins them to feed the hungry at no cost.  It is a spectacular example of the kindness we have in our community and the people who help OM are heroes in every sense of the word.



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