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In the short time Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE) has been open, it has helped many people. Contributing to this library are quite a few videographers and photographers who have documented OVE. Filming the village is enjoyable because of its aesthetic appeal, but it is the stories of the people who live there that really grab your heart.  It makes you realize that living unhoused can be super hard and getting housing after living on the streets can be almost impossible for many reasons.

The following interviews are very enlightening for those of us who have been lucky enough to not face a life situation that left us unhoused.  So many things cause people to lose housing.  Too many of our disabled, elderly, vets and youth face living without shelter.  Criminalizing acts that are unavoidable, such as sleeping and going to the bathroom, makes it even harder for people to get housing again.  Hopefully this information will help everyone better understand the growing problem of not being able to afford housing in the U.S.  It is time to find solutions, such as OVE, so that our whole society can be better for it.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.58.44 PMInterviews with Opportunity Village Eugene Residents:

Katherine’s Interview with Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE)

Cynthia’s Interview with the Occupy Eugene Media Group (OEMG)

James’ Interview with Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE)

Diane’s Interview with Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE)

Christa’s Interview with Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE)



The Dignity Project – Interviews with OVE Residents – April 8, 2015

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