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OURS (Occupy the Universal Right to Survive) – Interviews with People at the Protest Camps

Hearing from people that are at the OURS Protest Camps can really help you understand how important these efforts are.  In a country with all the modern amenities, there are too many left unhoused that are our most vulnerable population (elderly, disabled, veterans, etc.)  We as Americans believe that there are certain unalienable rights but too many of our citizens are refused the most basic of survival needs.  The words of the OURS protesters ring true and it is our hope that their testimony can help educate everyone that sees these videos.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.39.33 PMInterviews with People at the OURS West 11th Protest Camp

Interviews with People at the OURS Bailey Hill Protest Camp

Interviews with Advocates Helping People at the Protest Camps

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