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OURS (Occupy the Universal Right to Survive) Protest Camps

In the tradition of Occupy, SLEEPS and Whoville a group of housed and unhoused citizens of Eugene Oregon have spent the last eight months protesting the criminalization of people without shelter and demanding the camping ban be lifted or amended to allow unhoused people to live and sleep without harassment. We have spent the winter sheltering sick and vulnerable individuals and others, several of whom have moved into permanent or temporary housing. As spring approaches Occupy the Universal Right to Sleep (OURS) will remain in public spaces and encourage everyone to stand up for our brothers and sisters without shelter.

Update: the name of this camp is now The Ninth Ward. We are unhoused, unsanctioned and unrepresented but we continue to make community everywhere we go. We are not leaving.

IMG_0877Photos by Jana Thrift
Photos by Kristen Brandt




IMG_0638Photos and Videos Listed by Subject & Date:

OURS (Occupy the Universal Right to Survive) Camp on NW Expressway & Chambers

OURS (Occupy the Universal Right to Survive) Camp on 11th Avenue – February 26, 2015

OURS (Occupy the Universal Right to Survive) Camp on Bailey Hill – April 18, 2015

Interviews with People at OURS Protest Camps

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