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SMASHA Productions

I’ve always loved photo and film, I feel I have been able to expresse best through video and photography ever since I was a kid. I started SMASHA Productions in the fall of 2014 to liberate the minds by filming people’s artistic talents, unique personalities and activism for civil rights. I chose those topics because I relate to them the most. My pasScreen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.14.12 PMsion is aimed at capturing moments as they manifest, without diluting or altering the perspective views of my media.

I strongly believe in the pursuit of change and in the works for change myself I strongly believe as these moments progress the importance to show the ones that are unaware as they happen in some places. For hopes to continue the rightful purpose of humanity. I AM SASHA TUCKEY


7-14+HOMELESS+VETERANSThe Vet Camp at River Road & Northwest Expressway


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