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SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) – ALLEY VALKYRIE ARRESTED AFTER WAYNE MORSE FREE SPEECH PLAZA CLOSURE – December 13, 2012

SLEEPS returned to the blockaded Free Speech Plaza at 1:00 pm to challenge the closure of the historic protest site in response to their recent Constitutional Camp and Protest Rally. The County had officially closed the plaza Tuesday night while SLEEPS was actively protesting, claiming a public safety risk. SLEEPS decided to defy the order and remain in the plaza to protect the First Amendment rights of everyone, not just those who are unhoused.

Stating that their strategy on this event was to have only one arrest for legal challenge purposes, all protestors departed the plaza except Alley Valkyrie. Valkyrie is one of Eugene’s most respected activists and experts on legal issues surrounding both First Amendmentand unhoused issues. Shas won previous suits against the city in both arenas. She won a free speech suit right at the plaza with regard to the sale of art items. She also successfully challenged an EPD Criminal Trespass 2 citation for touching a building with her boot while filming an arrest, a citation often given to the unhoused in order to drive them out of town. Before being handcuffed, Alkyrie stated she would “fight both the City and the County for her First Amendment and Oregon Article I, Section A rights”.

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