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SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) PROTEST CAMP AT THE TRUDE KAUFMAN HOUSE

SLEEPS pitches tents at the Trude Kaufman House today to highlight the fact that the city has allowed the historic home, donated to provide services to low income seniors, to lie dormant while 1500 unhoused people are out in the freezing weather.  The Kaufman home was operated as a senior center until December 2010 and lain dormant since, eating up it’s trust fund while it does nothing to serve the community.

The abandoned Trude Kaufman Senior Center is located at 10th and Jefferson in Eugene.

The closing of the Community Gardens, the failure to use the Kaufman house are all signs of the lack of the will on the part of the City to provide for those who are most vulnerable.

DSC02294Photos by Jana Thrift

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SLEEPS Street Strike Team Demonstrates at the Trude Kaufman House – February 9, 2013

SLEEPS Street Strike Team member, Hedin Manus Brugh – arrested for protesting at the Trude Kaufman House



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