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Joe Tyndall grew up in rural New England.  He learned the cost of not going along with the crowd when he was one of seven students who refused to sign the SAVE (Students Approve Vietnam Effort) petition at his high school in 1965.  After obtaining a BSEE from MIT, he became politically active working mostly on environmental and energy issues.  Among his many projects, he organized for the Seabrook protests, won an 80/20 vote on a referenda calling for a moratorium on nuclear power and worked on staff for Cranston’s presidential campaign in 1984.  While there was no chance CScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.40.17 PMranston could have prevailed, his campaign kept the nuclear weapons issue on the front page of newspapers nationwide daily for six months, prompting Reagan to find common ground with Gorbachev in Iceland.  Joe then ran for State Representative.  As a political newcomer, he knocked on 8,000 doors over the summer and had a chance of actually winning until he announced he was pro-choice in a Roman Catholic working class district, a hard lesson about honesty.

By the mid-1980s, the corporate money flowing to purchase the American political system had transformed the landscape, making “liberals” ashamed to identify as such.  In 2011, Occupy finally cracked this open.  Outrage at the abuse of the system had found a voice.

The problem is that most of the Occupy energy was dissipated internally.  It is comfortable to sit with like-minded people.  It is scary to knock on doors.  But outreach is essential if a better world is to be achieved.  Media is one avenue to reach a larger audience.  Joe began Occupy TV, which broadcast 49 one-hour public affairs programs.  He started Occupy Radio, a 90-minute weekly call-in radio program that ran for a year.  He organized the Occupy Media Group and recorded considerable video of Occupy and related events.

Joe continues his efforts to foster evidence-based thinking with his weekly call-in television program That Atheist Show, which can be viewed on Comcast channel 29 on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM (and on YouTube), is putting the finishing touches on Beyond The Tipping Point, a book on the science of climate change and plans to be active in the Bernie Sanders for President campaign.

The Homeless Task Force

The Downtown Public Safety Zone

SLEEPS Eviction and Arrest of Alley Valkyrie at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza

SLEEPS Mass Arrest at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza – January 7, 2013

SLEEPS Strike Team Member Hedin Manus Brugh Arrested at the Trude Kaufman House

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