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Whoville was a protest camp in Eugene, Oregon demonstrating the need for unhoused people to be legally allowed the minimal human right of sheltering themselves from the weather and sleep.  Whoville was named after the homeless camps during the depression, while Hoover was president–they were called “Hoovervilles”.

Whoville was formed and moved away from the SLEEPS protest at Free Speech Plaza with about a half dozen campers originally.  The police evicted them from site after site until they arrived at Hilyard & Broadway Avenue.  There the camp grew and eventually attained temporary permission from the city of Eugene, to provide shelter for about 50 people at any one time.  Whoville stayed at Hilyard & Broadway from October to April and helped many people during the harsh winter weather conditions of 2013-14.

DSC_0141Photos by Jana Thrift

Photos by David Zupan

Photos by Robert Long

Photos by Gregory Walker

Whoville in the Snow – December 6, 2013

Whoville Fenced Up by the City – January 24, 2014

Whose Who in Whoville – March 17, 2014

Whoville Offers Vital Shelter

Whoville at the Fairgrounds

Whoville at River Road & Northwest Expressway

Whoville on 8th & Mill

Whoville on Hilyard & Broadway

Whoville at the Old Federal Building on 7th & Pearl

Whoville on 7th & Garfield

Whoville at 6th Avenue by the Federal Courthouse



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