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Whoville gave the residents who lived there a safe place to sleep, a bathroom to use, and a space they could call home that was a reprieve from police harassment for simply existing.  Combined with a feeling of community rarely experienced, these things and more made Whoville into something special that you couldn’t see from a distance.  You only learned how important this place for simple shelter was, by getting to know the people who lived there.  This page of our library will give you a chance to meet the people of Whoville, see the camp, hear their stories and learn why Whoville was so important to them.

Photos by Jana ThriftDSC_0032
Photos by David Zupan


Photos and Videos Listed by Subject & Date:

Whoville on Hilyard & Broadway – March 29, 2014


The Whoville Community – Who Are They?
(Interviews with Residents)

Whoville Offers Vital Shelter

Whoville In All Kinds of Weather

Whoville Feeds the Hungry

Whoville Keeping People Warm

Whoville’s Eviction from Hilyard & Franklin


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