• OEN meeting minutes, 2012-07-24

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    OEN meeting, 2012-07-24

    Jerry, Nicole, Catherine, Vickie, Chase


    • OCF reports
    • Distribution reports
    • Larry
    • Trips
    • Roles
    • Next issue?
    • Cruz and Spanish translations

    OCF reports: gave away ~800 papers. Stamped $4,000 of currency with Occupy stamp. Plaedo emceed an event and collected $10.

    Distribution report:

    • Jerry, about 1 doz. at Grocery Outlet in Springfield
    • Jerry, 110 at Occupy Interfaith
    • 300 reserved for Eugene Celebration
    • 300 reserved for canvassing
    • 300 reserved for Lane Co. Fair

    Larry is taking a break for at least two more weeks. Will also be going on trip on Oct. 15 for a couple of months. Vickie will be gone from Sep. 15 – Oct. 15. Nicole will create a Google Calendar for OEN.

    Bimonthly issue:

    • More time for proofreading/longer to polish content
    • More time for processes
    • Save money for OE
    • More substantive content as opposed to short timeframe pieces
    • Work better for translations


    • Not as current or timely

    Cruz and Spanish translations:
    Cruz is trying to feel out what kind of commitment he can get from his group. Cruz is open to changing the process to Google Docs. Ask Cruz if he feels comfortable soliciting articles from Spanish-speaking community in Spanish which would then be translated to English for the English OEN.

    The next issue will be a September-October issue. Consensus, 2012-07-24.

    Article submissions due August 15
    OEN submitted for layout August 24
    OEN submitted to printer August 29
    OEN printed and rec’d August 31

    Sep.-Oct. content:

    • Photo timeline
    • Student issues (written by and for students)
    • History of OE (anniversary Oct. 15)
    • History of OWS (anniversary Sep. 17)
    • Testimonials from OE participants
    • Occupier of the Month – Perry for student perspective (Chase), Kate (Chase)? Vincent K?
    • Committee/Ally of the Month – Occupy LCC (Wolfshadow via Vickie)? Student Insurgent?
    • Other themes:
      • Exclusion Zone – Alley & John M. (Vickie)
      • Opportunity Village – Everyone is assigned to read Joe T’s article on Google Docs.
      • Medical Tent – Dental article, Sue (Vickie)
      • Foreclosures

    FED articles: Chase will follow-up on these.

    Chase will inquire with Jamil about web traffic data.

    If articles don’t come in, we can solicit interviews instead of articles.

    Please visit the website and submit feedback via the feedback form.

    We need to have more feedback and communication during the layout process. We need to develop a style guide.

    Meeting adjourned, 3:33pm.


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    1. Henry Schmald
      July 11, 2013 at 8:42 am

      Great job! Do you have a list of stores where you are distributing the Eugene Occupier?

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