• OEN meeting minutes, 2012-07-31

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    OEN meeting minutes, 2012-07-31, 1:50pm.

    Chase, Catherine, Vickie, Jerry


    • Check-in
    • Articles
    • History collage

    Comm Comm does calendar, web posts, press releases. How does the newsletter reinforce Comm Comm’s efforts? How can we support the committee? In what ways are we mutually compatible? Vickie will put Chase in contact with the person doing the calendar.


    • Inola submitted dental van article
    • Carla said no article, but submitted FED photos
    • Outpost on Lawrence: Vickie will solicit articles and pictures from Reid, Majeska, and Lee D. Jerry will take some some pictures.
    • Catherine has poem to submit
    • Vickie will contact Lauren A. for article/interview with Catherine.
    • Chase will tackle FED coverage and follow-up on article suggestions/solicitations

    History collage call for submissions:

    • Vickie will send out this afternoon as web post and to oec_contacts
    • Vickie will send it to Chris B. for Facebook & Twitter.

    Adjourned at 3:16pm.


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