Safety Guidelines

Consensed on October 18, 2011 by Occupy Eugene
Acting in solidarity with the Occupy Movement, we pledge to recognize our responsibility to our community, which means occasionally putting personal freedoms second for the safety and well-being of all.

  • We are a weapons-free zone.
  • We are nonviolent and we will not tolerate verbally aggressive or physically violent behavior, including unwanted touching.
  • We pledge to resolve any conflicts that arise in a creative and nonviolent manner.
  • In communal areas, no recreational drug or alcohol use. We recognize that a safe space is needed for card-carrying medical marijuana patients.
  • We respect the rights and privacy of our fellow occupiers and our neighbors. We will not create unnecessary disturbances.
  • Degrading ethnic, racist, classist, sexist, or homophobic remarks are not acceptable.
  • We cannot permit open flames or other hazardous activities. We agree to direct all cigarette smoking to [a designated location] and will provide rain shelter for those who wish to smoke.
  • We encourage everyone to follow health and sanitary recommendations throughout camp.

By entering Occupy Eugene, you agree to abide and uphold these guidelines.

Download Here [PDF]