Occupy The Trees (The Mother Earth Tree Convention)

EARTH DEFENSE WEEK: Occupy the Trees

Occupy Eugene and Cascadia Forest Defenders, in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, have put an “Occupy the Trees” call-out to activists around the world to protest the destruction of our Earth for the week of April 22-27.

Here in Eugene on Sunday the 22nd (formerly known as Earth Day), there will be an Earth Defense Day celebration at the park blocks in downtown Eugene, with speakers, music, teach-ins, and food.

Activities are planned in Eugene throughout the week: Monday is Public Lands Day, Tuesday is World Day for Animals, Wednesday is Kids Need Forests Day, Thursday is Eco-feminism Day, Friday is Global Climate Change Awareness Day. There will be speakers, musical performances, marches and rallies throughout the week. Tree occupations are planned as well.

See a full schedule here:



Our Call to Action includes 3 main points:

1. Immediate attention and reversal to Global Climate Change which threatens all llife on Earth.

2. Disruption of the Earth-destroying profit machines led by the richest 1% of the world and their government lackies.

3. Ending all Commercial Extraction from Public Lands in all nations of the Earth.


Moon, Occupy Eugene
Jim Flynn, Cascadia Forest Defenders

Occupy Eugene Celebrates Friday the 13th with Zombie Bank Protest

What’s more scary than a psychopath with a hockey mask and a knife? How about a “Zombie Bank” that keeps rising from the dead to terrorize our community?

Join Occupy Eugene in protest this Friday the 13th at the 11th and Pearl St. Bank of America branch from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. as we “pull the plug” on this Zombie Bank to keep it in the grave where it belongs!

The Zombie Bank (Bank of America) has been mired in problems for years: illegal foreclosures, robo-signing, outrageous executive compensation packages, questionable investment practices, sub-prime mortgage scandals, using the illegal Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) to avoid paying property title transfer fees and taxes, ridiculous customer charges like $5 a month debit card fees, and more. Without massive taxpayer bailouts, Bank of America would have been dead years ago, but they keep rising up from the grave! It’s not brains they want, but our homes and money!

We’ll outline the horrors of dealing with Bank of America and their frightening practices that threaten the people and businesses in our community. Enjoy lively street theater featuring a Zombie March, a seance to bring back the Glass-Steagall Act that the Banksters murdered in their insatiable quest for more profits, and much more!

Please note the event details have changed. This Friday the 13th we are having a zombie bank themed protest! Dress up as a zombie!

Download signs here:

Bank of America Protest

Protest against Bank of America’s corruption and blatant disregard for the people of America. They are economic terrorists and criminals. They need to be broken up, if not allowed to fail completely.

These are weekly protests, each Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 to attract the evening traffic BofA customers.

Educate the customers, encourage them to move their money to a credit union. Let Bank of America know what we think about their illegal foreclosures, discriminatory practices against minorities and that they are not respecting the laws that protect active duty service members. Let’s stop the bank that is too corrupt to survive!

Bring signs about foreclosures, robo-signing, MERS, excessive fees, free bailouts, corruption, greed, whatever you want!

Join us directly afterward at the Park Blocks, 8th & Oak, 6pm, for Occupy Eugene’s General Assembly and see what consensus democracy looks like!

When: Today, April 6, 4:30 – 5:30pm

Where: Bank of America, 11th & Pearl, Eugene.

This protest is planned by the Occupy Foreclosure Action Committee

Kesey Square Revival

“You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.”
– Ken Kesey

Reclaim Kesey Square as a place for street artists, entertainers, friends and activists to gather as a community.

Since the breakup of the Washington Jefferson Park occupation site, many of the displaced homeless have been harassed by some within the Eugene Police Department.

They have been unfairly targeted, charged with small crimes, and then told they can’t return to a 20 block area surrounding Kesey Square.

This “Downtown Public Safety Zone” is being used to discriminate against the homeless. Alley Valkyrie demonstrates how easy it is to break these laws, and not get arrested because she doesn’t look homeless.

Join in every Friday, noonish to dusk-ish.  Art vendors welome.

 Where? Kesey Square, of course, Broadway & Willamette.

Free Medical Clinics

Sundays, 12 -4 pm:  Downtown, corner of 7th & Pearl.  Dr. Knowlton, 12 -2pm; Dr. Howison, Spanish interpreter available, 2 -4pm.

Tuesdays, 5pm – 7pm:  Occupy V, 1274 W. 7th, Eugene.  Dr. Knowlton, 5 – 7pm.

Dr. Howison is a family physician with special interests in developing preventive health strategies for patients, holistic remedies, nutrition, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Dr. Knowlton is a family physician who has been practicing medicine in the Eugene area since 1997. He was the medical director of the clinic providing health care for the Makah Nation in Neah Bay, Washington from 1993 – 1997.

All are welcome, no charge. No appointments; first come, first served. If you have any medical conditions, concerns or questions, please come by. Let’s all do what we can to make our Occupy Eugene environment as healthy and safe as possible.

Please check the OE calendar to make sure the event is still valid.


Also available in : Spanish

Occupy Your Local Governments

City and County governments rely heavily on local Boards and Commissions for direction and public input. These boards and commissions are comprised of people like us, who volunteer their time. People who serve on them not only get to ask questions that will be answered, they also get to have a voice in policy decisions. It’s very powerful, individual direct action. Please consider getting involved in these advisory functions. Your participation is valuable!

There are currently several openings for both Lane County and the City of Eugene. Positions are filled by appointment; they do require ongoing commitment and participation. The application process is simple and easy. Go the the websites noted.

Lane County:

There is a current opening on the County Action Advisory Committee, which “Advises the Lane County Human Services Commission on budget planning, allocations and policy issues for state and federal anti-poverty programs, including housing and homeless programs; participates in program activities, project review, selection, and is involved in monitoring the Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness.”


Check the Lane County website regularly for more openings as they become available.

City of Eugene:

There are several current openings on Eugene’s Boards and Commissions. Any resident of Eugene may apply. The application process is open until March 30.

There are openings for the following positions:

• Budget Committee 3 vacancies
• Civilian Review Board 3 vacancies
• Human Rights Commission 3 vacancies
• Planning Commission 1 vacancy
• Police Commission 4 vacancies
• Sustainability Commission 5 vacancies
• Toxics Board 2 vacancies 1 advocacy, 1 industry
• Lane Regional Air Protection Agency 1 vacancy
• Library Board 2 vacancies 1 at-large, 1 youth
• Neighborhood Matching Grant Dept. Advisory Committee 1 vacancy
• Whilamut Citizen Planning Committee 6 vacancies

For more information, or to apply, go to:

The City of Springfield also has volunteer positions for residents of Springfield on boards and commissions. Their website does not note whether there are current openings. Contact the City Manager’s Office to inquire. 541-726-3700, or e-mail cmo@ci.springfield.or.us.



Please call and write your state congressperson Monday!

We need Senate Bills 1552 and 1564 passed without Rep. Whisnant’s amendments that help the banks more than homeowners.

Perfidy is a word reserved for heartless and treacherous betrayal. This is the word to describe the cynical abuse being visited on the voters who elected Oregon Representatives Whisnant and Hanna.

Whisnant requested and Hanna assigned foreclosure reform Senate bills 1552 and 1564 to Whisnant’s House committee. Whisnant re-wrote these bipartisan bills to not only protect banks from prosecution for the fraudulent foreclosure practices which are increasingly coming to light, but to prevent the Attorney General’s involvement. A more cynical betrayal of the public trust is difficult to imagine.

Whisnant and Hanna support current bank practices of foreclosing on properties while pretending to be renegotiating problem mortgages; and for refusing to meet face-to-face with homeowners facing foreclosure.

The Senate agreed that these practices are wrong and passed SB 1552 and SB 1564 to correct them, but not only is Whisnant satisfied to keep these measures buried in committee, he’s substituted language which would worsen the situation for struggling Oregon homeowners, while giving banks license to commit even worse abuses, and a get-out-of-jail card.

If there were ever an example of a lawmaker working against the interests of the people, and using the powers of government to benefit corporations, it’s playing out right now in the Oregon House of Representatives. Perfidy is “the deliberate act of violating faith, a vow, or allegiance; treachery; the violation of a trust reposed.” Is there not honor in the Oregon House of Representatives sufficient to pass SB 1552 and SB 1564?

Don’t let banks write our laws, run, and ruin our country! Make them accountable for their crimes.


– Your Name

You Call to Action!

1) Send the above email to your State Rep. Cut and paste the message above the dashed line, above. Call them too and ask they support Senate Bills 1552 and 1564 without Rep. Whisnant’s amendments.

2) Forward this email in its entirety to your friends, colleagues, teachers, fire departments, police chiefs, mayors, other government officials – anyone and everyone who is concerned about the quality of our schools and other services.


Playing Politics with the Lives of Struggling Homeowners

The dastardly ALEC – corporations writing laws for legislators

This Email Action Campaign is from the Occupy Eugene Neighborhood Action Committee.

11.30 Operation Walk Out

Education Alliance Walkout PosterThis Wednesday, November 30th, 12:15 pm at the University of Oregon EMU Amphitheater is Operation Walk Out!

A national event – 24,000 teachers striking because of pension changes.

Students and teachers have been greatly impacted by the economic crisis. Education needs to be top priority.

Students, teachers & faculty marching against education cuts, tuition hikes, administrative salary raises & student tuition fees subsidizing athletics.

Walking out at 12:15 pm, meeting at the UO EMU amphitheater where there will be a rally followed by participatory action.

If you have any input or want to participate in speaking at the rally please contact Stella at stella.bee828 [at] gmail.com or drop by our meeting this Tuesday anytime between 3-5 in the Ben Linder room inside the EMU.

Check out the Operation Walk Out Facebook page.

Download the flier to pass on to others.

Eric Rogers Auction Action

This is an Occupy Foreclosure Action Committee event. We are attending to support Eric Rogers to help him stop the auction sale of his Marcola, OR property.

He has a letter which states he is offering to pay off the mortgage in full. If this letter does not work, we will ask Eric for permission to sing a song to disrupt the auction and prevent the sale of his home.

When: Monday, April 9, 10 am sharp!   …this is not an event to show up 5 minutes late….

Where: Lane County Courthouse, 125 East 8th ave. Eugene, OR

Contact person: Reid Kimball, reid@rbkdesign.com