Michelle Shocked Roccupy makes room for OE Foreclosure Action Committee!

The Occupy Eugene Foreclosure Action Committee has been asked to perform a short skit that will entertain and enlighten Michelle Shocked’s audience about the foreclosure crisis.

The skit will start about 70 minutes after the start of her show.


When: Thursday, April 26, 7pm

Where: Cozmic Pizza

Contact person about the skit: Reid Kimball, reid@rbkdesign.com

Contact about Michelle Shocked performance: Cozmic Pizza, http://www.Cozmicpizza.com

Medical Clinic & Haircuts today!

Occupy Medical Clinic is hosting a free haircut day on Sunday, March 25, during regular clinic hours from noon to 4 p.m. Volunteer hairstylists will cut your hair at the Federal Building plaza on the corner of 7th and Pearl in downtown Eugene.

Ready for a radical change? Volunteer hairstylists will also be standing by to clip your ponytail to donate to Beautiful Lengths which, in cooperation with the American Cancer Society, turns these donations into wigs for children struggling with cancer.

To donate your hair, please arrive with clean hair tied back in a ponytail or braid 8 inches or more in length.

Unbleached hair and hair with less than 5 percent gray will be accepted.

Free haircuts are given to all on a first come, first served basis.

Regular Medical Clinic hours:

Sundays, 12 -4 pm:  Downtown, corner of 7th & Pearl.  Dr. Knowlton, 12 -2pm; Dr. Howison, Spanish interpreter available, 2 -4pm.

Tuesdays, 5pm – 7pm:  Occupy V, 1274 W. 7th, Eugene.  Dr. Knowlton, 5 – 7pm.

Dr. Howison is a family physician with special interests in developing preventive health strategies for patients, holistic remedies, nutrition, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Dr. Knowlton is a family physician who has been practicing medicine in the Eugene area since 1997. He was the medical director of the clinic providing health care for the Makah Nation in Neah Bay, Washington from 1993 – 1997.

All are welcome, no charge. No appointments; first come, first served. If you have any medical conditions, concerns or questions, please come by. Let’s all do what we can to make our Occupy Eugene environment as healthy and safe as possible.

Please check the OE calendar to make sure the event is still valid.

Occupy Inter-Faith Eugene

Monthly meeting of people of faith seeking to engage effectively with community partners in direct action to create needed change. This group works cooperatively with WeThePeopleEugene for people-powered Democracy, Health Care for All Oregon for Single Payer Health Care, Opportunity Eugene for solutions to homelessness & Occupy Eugene. Looking for action-oriented members of Eugene/Springfield faith communities to grow our numbers and show up in solidarity with others working for big change now. All are welcome.

When: Sunday, March 25, 1 -3pm

Where: Universalist United Church, 477 East 40th Avenue, Eugene

Occupation Education Day-long Training

Dr. Gordon Lafer, political economist and associate professor at the U of O’s Labor Education and Research Center, will lead a training session focused on strategic planning. The training will assist organizers and activists determine our movement’s goals for 2012 and how we can successfully reach those goals.

When: Sunday, March 18, 10am – 5pm

Where: OE V, 1274 W. 7th, Eugene

Contact person: Mary B.      marib.eugene@gmail.com

Occupy Free Expression Encore! OE Open Mic Poetry Reading

Hosted by Lotus and Art Bollman of the Occupy Eugene Zinn/Chomsky library! Please let Jennifer Frenzer-Knowlton know if you would like to sign up to read/recite poetry or perform spoken word. Original Works Encouraged! Please donate Works of Art toward the Benefit SalesTable!

Event contact: Jennifer Frenzer-Knowlton, kokomojo0664@msn.com

Where: Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette, Eugene

When: Sunday, March 18, 4 – 6 pm.

Charles Eisenstein “Sacred Economics” Lecture

Join Charles Eisenstein, author of “Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition” for an evening conversation this Saturday, March 10th, 7pm at Columbia Hall rm 150, University of Oregon. Charles Eisenstein has written several articles addressing some of the core issues of the Occupy movement including “No Demand Is Big Enough” which was a direct response to calls early on from Occupy critics for the movement to clearly state “what our demands are.”

Discover a powerful, mind-opening account of history, social analysis, solutions and new possibilities for the future of money, economics and the quality of our lives and our future. Learn how we can all benefit in this vision and contribute to it. Explore a new economic world filled with:

  • gifting, sharing, and generosity
  • local money and resilient communities
  • a commons that’s thriving and expanding
  • negative interest that generates greater, truer wealth
  • liberated human passion, caring, and contributions
  • societies freed of concentrated, corrupted power
  • economics that into account nature and people

Discover economics as if people and nature really mattered….enlightened economics that knows we are all connected…

Visit http://www.unifyingcascadia.net/index.html to learn more.