11.30 Operation Walk Out

Education Alliance Walkout PosterThis Wednesday, November 30th, 12:15 pm at the University of Oregon EMU Amphitheater is Operation Walk Out!

A national event – 24,000 teachers striking because of pension changes.

Students and teachers have been greatly impacted by the economic crisis. Education needs to be top priority.

Students, teachers & faculty marching against education cuts, tuition hikes, administrative salary raises & student tuition fees subsidizing athletics.

Walking out at 12:15 pm, meeting at the UO EMU amphitheater where there will be a rally followed by participatory action.

If you have any input or want to participate in speaking at the rally please contact Stella at stella.bee828 [at] gmail.com or drop by our meeting this Tuesday anytime between 3-5 in the Ben Linder room inside the EMU.

Check out the Operation Walk Out Facebook page.

Download the flier to pass on to others.