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    OEN meeting minutes, 2012-07-31

    by  • August 3, 2012 • From the team • 0 Comments

    OEN meeting minutes, 2012-07-31, 1:50pm. Chase, Catherine, Vickie, Jerry Agenda: Check-in Articles History collage Check-in: Comm Comm does calendar, web posts, press releases. How does the newsletter reinforce Comm Comm’s efforts? How can we support the committee? In what ways are we mutually compatible? Vickie will put Chase in contact with the person doing...

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    OEN meeting minutes, 2012-07-24

    by  • July 27, 2012 • From the team • 1 Comment

    OEN meeting, 2012-07-24 Jerry, Nicole, Catherine, Vickie, Chase Agenda: OCF reports Distribution reports Larry Trips Roles Next issue? Cruz and Spanish translations OCF reports: gave away ~800 papers. Stamped $4,000 of currency with Occupy stamp. Plaedo emceed an event and collected $10. Distribution report: Jerry, about 1 doz. at Grocery Outlet in Springfield Jerry,...

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